How to stop losing your temper: A story

I introduced myself to a group of entrepreneurs this week. I said, “Hi. I’m a life coach. I help moms who lose their temper. I used to lose my temper and I got help. Now I help others.”

One woman in the meeting blushed and bit her lips. She sat up straighter and cleared her throat.

This is common. I’ve learned to look for it.

I talked to her later. She said, “I felt exposed because I do that too.”

She had never thought about getting help for it.

In fact, she had not put a word to it yet.

This is common too.

The families I work with rarely (or never) talk about those times when mom gets upset. They don’t even have a word for it.

If you want to stop losing your temper, here is the first step: put a name to it. Talk about it.

Tell a friend, tell your family: “Sometimes I get upset and yell and I want to learn how to stop doing that.”

In my house, we called it “the anger bug,” and we said we wanted to work on squishing it (my kids were young). We talked about how I got the bug from my dad, and he got it from his dad.

And we didn’t want to live with the anger bug anymore.

What will you call yours? …

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