Angry does not have to mean upset.

My clients usually say they are angry when they are upset. Being angry and upset usually includes yelling, and maybe spanking a child or throwing something. Sometimes they drive away or lock themselves in a room for awhile.

But angry does not have to mean upset.

The feeling of anger has a TON of energy behind it: you can use it to be hurtful.

Or, you can use that energy to be helpful.

I used to be angry and upset that I was raised in a family where anger was always hurtful. I didn’t even know there was a different way to express it.

I’m still angry about that, but I’m not upset anymore.

I use all of that energy to be helpful.

It’s fuel for me in my business…

Anger doesn’t go away, but how you experience it can change.

I’ve seen it in my clients. One day, one step at a time, they learn how to feel their anger and use it to help. First, they help themselves, and then they help others.

Wanna know how to do that? By reading this post, you have begun.

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