Hi. I’m Jeanette Hargreaves, MDiv. I designed this program to help people identify and overcome anxiety in systems. How? By learning my Low Pressure Life language of systems and ten practical techniques.

My first career was working for the news media, finding ways to keep folks just anxious enough to stay tuned. Now, I do this work because I want to make the world a better place with less polarized thinking, space for dialogue and creative solutions to complex problems. Also, simply, these techniques help me to have more joy and peace in life, and I think they could help you, too.

As you learn this program, you also get to know me, because it is my story.

I received my Masters in Divinity from the Episcopal Seminary of the Southwest in Austin, Texas, where I studied much of the content that came to be the Low Pressure Life program: Bowen Family Systems Theory, crisis intervention, theopoetics (transformative storytelling), chaplaincy, ethics, inclusion, and liturgy (which inspired Technique 8: Everyday Rituals). I am a life-long independent learner, so I’ve also studied many other things including natural systems, epigenetics, and research-based transformational storytelling techniques. Before entering seminary, I held jobs as a news producer and teacher.

I am available as a speaker and workshop leader. Please contact me through this website. (Compensation can be negotiated.)

I am a curriculum designer, story collector and teacher. I am not a counselor. If you have high anxiety, please consider getting professional help from a doctor or therapist.

How the program works

Through the language of systems, I teach you how to identify and talk about anxiety. And, I help you gain awareness about your influence and the part you are playing in your system (at work and at home). Then, you have the opportunity to become part of the solution for anxiety in your system. This is good news because less anxiety leads to healthier lives and collaborative, creative problem solving. And, if one person reduces their anxiety, it can have ripple effects that help the whole system to become healthier.

Professional referral network

I am designing a Low Pressure Life certification program for mental health professionals. Connect with clients interested in Low Pressure Life. Once you are certified, you will gain access to my workshop curriculum. I will feature your website and Low Pressure Life workshops on the referral network.

Support the program

If you like the work I am doing, please consider spreading the word about Low Pressure Life—link to my website or perhaps buy a t-shirt or swag. You could purchase my flagship online class (the best I have to offer) and learn the program, step by step. Or, you could buy the “12 Days of Low Pressure Life” email subscription and share the 12 tips with friends. You could also buy my first book, a fairy tale.

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Disclaimer: This program is designed for functional adults ages 18+. It is not a substitute for professional advice, so use it at your own risk (click here for the site agreement).

The Low Pressure Life program is copyrighted. You may not use its content without permission. “Low Pressure Life” is in process of trademarking.