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Updated December 2017.

Short bio:

Jeanette Hargreaves, MDiv., is the creator of Low Pressure Life, a program designed to teach people how to think in systems, raise awareness and gain power around anxiety.


Jeanette is a multi-talented entrepreneur launching her new program Low Pressure Life: ten techniques to reduce stress and anxiety. The program, a re-imagining of Bowen Family Systems Theory, is a synthesis of Jeanette’s experiences and education. Jeanette received her Master’s in Divinity from the Episcopal Seminary of the Southwest in Austin, Texas, where she lives with her husband, Geoff, and two children. At seminary, Jeanette studied much of the content that came to be the Low Pressure Life program.

Prior to launching Low Pressure Life, Jeanette held jobs as a teacher and news producer. “Low Pressure Life is my headline,” she says, “My first career was working for the news media, finding ways to keep folks just anxious enough to stay tuned. Now, I do this work because I want to make the world a better place with less polarized thinking, space for dialogue and creative solutions to complex problems. Also, as a bonus, these techniques help me to have more joy and peace in life, and I think they could help others, too.”

Low Pressure Life uses the language of systems to help people recognize and talk about anxiety. They also learn to see the part they play in their system so they can own their power to change it. Jeanette thinks if enough people make a change to reduce anxiety, it has the potential to impact the United States, and maybe the world, in a good way. “Individuals have this potential because we are all connected to each other, and when one person makes a change, it can create ripple effects throughout a system,” she says. Jeanette notes benefits of reduced anxiety include healthier bodies, mental clarity and collaborative, creative problem solving.

Jeanette is available for hire to lead workshops. The Low Pressure Life online class is available, too, for self-paced at-home learning. She also has a “12 Days of Low Pressure Life” email you can join. If you like the program, there is a line of Low Pressure Life t-shirts and swag you can use to spread the word. This is just the beginning. Jeanette is developing a certification and referral network for mental health professionals, and hopes to have a book tour someday.

Jeanette is launching her business with the support of friends and family. So far, she is doing all of the work, but she will hire people as her business grows.

Fun Fact:

Jeanette wrote and illustrated a read-aloud fairy tale as part of the Low Pressure Life program. She says, “The stories we tell are important, and I want to make a dent in those old, anxious ‘classic’ fairy tales—I think it’s time to identify new classics for the benefit of the human system.”

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Here are some testimonies from my in-person workshop participants:

Allison says, “This is a great step to indentifying those areas that I need to focus on to be stronger, more present and self-aware.”

Stacy says, “This workshop is timely and full of evergreen, immediately useful and actionable information.”

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