Private Classes

Working with Jeanette was such a positive experience, and her presence is reassuring. It opened the conversation about anger in my house. I love her practical tips and tools that I put to use. Where I used to feel shame, now I ask for help.

-Olivia from Texas

Jeanette taught me how to break the cycle in my house and be a calmer mom.

-Maria from Costa Rica

You grew up in a family where you were afraid of getting in trouble.

You lied to your parents sometimes because you were scared.

Now as a parent, you work hard to get your kids to obey you, and the only way they listen is if you yell.

But you’re tired of coming up with consequences for the kids.

You’re tired of if/then parenting: “If you do this, then you’ll get punished.”

Or, “If you do this, then you’ll get a reward.”

You’re tired of the yelling.

And you don’t want your kids to be afraid of you the way you were afraid.

Let’s end that.

Imagine a house where your kids respect you.

They obey you and tell you the truth because they feel safe and they know you’re going to help them.

You have a new kind of authority where your kids actually want to do the things you tell them to do, and you don’t have to yell.

Are you ready?

Here’s how we do it, with private parenting classes.

Jeanette spends time with you on the phone, Zoom, or text with one or both parents. Your parenting struggles are addressed, and you get customized tools to be the kind of parent you want to be.

There are four packages you can buy:

Book Reader Text Support $999

As you read the book (The Day I Threw Banana Bread), share your thoughts and stories over text. Send pictures of your notes. Go at your own pace over 30 days.

If you’re taking it easy and going slow, you can re-sign up month after month until you feel you’ve received enough support.

Jeanette will personally read your texts, help you reflect, offer suggestions, and cheer on your progress.

You can text Jeanette day or night, and Jeanette will respond on weekdays. She loves it when her messages blow up with messages from parents who are ending the habit of blowing up at their kids. 🙂

The Family Remodel Package $3000

For three months, you focus on the shift. We speak every week, over the phone or Zoom, for a total of 12 calls. Each call is about 60 minutes.

After each call, you receive an email recap you can read and re-read with the tools you use to become the family you want to be.

Through email, you’ll get PDFs to print and post as helpful reminders for you and your family about the changes you’re working on.

You’ll feel love and support as the hard-working, caring parent you are. At the end of our time together, you’ll have a roadmap for a new kind of discipline in your house.

You and your family will be on your way to a peaceful home.

The Roadmap Plus $7000

You’ll get everything in The Family Remodel Package (above), and you’ll get more than a roadmap. You’ll get to practice the new discipline with continued expert feedback.

You’ll receive accountability, affirmation and support as you make the transition as a parent and see the change in your kids. They won’t be afraid of you anymore!

We speak every week for a total of 28 calls. Each call is 60 minutes.

You’ll receive supportive emails in your inbox and PDFs to print. At the end of our time together, you’ll know what it feels like to be the kind of parent you want to be!

The Mary Poppins Package $10,000

For seven days, I’ll come to live with your family, night and day, and teach you how to be kind to each other. I’ll only do this with a few select families each year, and you must meet some requirements.

To get started:

Text or call me to begin: 512-468-4121, or contact me through the contact page.  You can say, “I want temper coaching.”

You decide on a package. How much support do you want? A little or a lot?

Then we’ll arrange payment. You can pay in full or monthly payments.


Do you offer discounts?

Our company values dignity. So out of respect for your dignity (and ours), we don’t pressure you with high-pressure sales, discounts, or limited-time offers. Prices are what they are. However, if you cannot put the funds together and are dedicated to doing this work with your family, contact Jeanette for a scholarship.

Is this counseling?

No. This is not counseling. You might have a counselor while going through this program. Jeanette is a coach, a teacher. Sometimes doing this work, you’ll feel very sad, or overwhelmed about your own childhood. At those moments, you’ll call your counselor to process the feelings. Jeanette consults with counselors. Let her know you have one and she’ll talk with them on the phone so they can support you in this journey together. If you have a counselor, tell them you’re getting this coaching. Let them support you and cheer you on.

My spouse isn’t interested. Will this still work?

Yes. Take the pressure off them. Everyone has their own journey. This is part of your journey. When you make changes in your life and the way you relate to your kids, they will see it and it will have an impact on them.

I’m not the yeller, my spouse is. Will this work?

Yes. You’ll receive coaching on how to address the yelling. The main focus is on you and your relationship skills. As you shift, so will your spouse.

Still not sure?

Let’s talk about two things. First, who do you listen to? Who do you learn from? When choosing a coach or mentor, this is what you want to ask yourself first. Jeanette’s been working with youth and families since 2001. She’s been married since 2000. She was raised with a yeller and made the change with her own kids. She’s been on this road, and she made the shift with her marriage intact. She has her Master’s in Divinity, and while this isn’t a religious business, this work is her calling. She will strive for the utmost good of you and your family. Honor, dignity, integrity, respect, and love are just some of her values.

Second, if you’re not sure, you can hop on the phone for a one-hour consult at $250.

To get started, text or call:


“I want temper coaching!”

(This page was updated 1/10/2021. We are open.)