Professionals and Organizations

I can certify you or your organization in Temper Coaching.

Here is the process for an individual:

  1. Contact me to make payment and get your calls scheduled.
  2. You buy and read the book before our first call.
  3. I email you a PDF called “How to Stop Yelling” that you can use for Temper Coaching sessions or classes. It includes guidelines for coaching.
  4. We schedule four 60-minute Zoom calls to talk about the techniques in the book and PDF, which are practical and easy to teach.
  5. I send you a Temper Coaching certificate in the mail so you can display it.
  6. You can advertise yourself as a Temper Coach. (NOTE: I don’t teach the business side of things.)

Cost: $500. Contact me to get started. You can say, “I’d like to be certified as a Temper Coach.”

Here is the process for an organization:

  1. Contact me to discuss the fee.
  2. Schedule two training sessions over video chat (each two hours). We will use your platform, where employees regularly gather for online meetings.
  3. Buy the book for your group members and have them read it before the first training session. (I can arrange for bulk purchases.)
  4. I email you the PDF, “How to Stop Yelling” to distribute to your members.
  5. After the last session, I email Temper Coaching certificates for the participants. They can add “Temper Coach” to their credentials.
  6. To be certified, all participants must have their screens on and be in attendance.

Contact me to get started. You can say, “I’d like to have my group certified in Temper Coaching.”

FAQ: Do you offer CEUs?

No, but check with your licensing body. Sometimes you can get CEUs by attending a workshop of your choice, and all you need is a certificate. You’ll receive a signed certificate that says you spent 4 clock hours for the certification.