Table of Contents

These are the chapter titles for The Day I Threw Banana Bread.

Dear Reader

PART I: How I Broke the Yelling Habit

1 The Day I Threw Banana Bread

2 Tardy in the Morning

3 Breaking the Silence

4 The Stages of Learning

5 Screaming Over Spilt Bubbles

6 Mama Lions Yawn

7 Crying is Like Pooping

8 The Bad News

9 Throwing Away Mom’s Shoes

10 Stress is a Feeling

11 Doing it Different Than Mom & Dad

12 Going Nuts Over the Dirty Can

13 The Husband

14 Bad “Choices”

15 How to Apologize

16 Feeling Pushed Back into Old Habits

17 Don’t Buy a Puppy

18 Focus on What You Want

19 A New Kind of Discipline

PART II: Emotional Intelligence at Home

20 The Shift

21 What To Do When Your Kid Misbehaves

22 What To Do When Your Kid Hits Another Kid

23 Tattle Tales

24 When Your Kid Lies

25 What To Do When Your Kid Won’t Listen

26 When Someone Else Yells

27 What To Do When Your Kids Annoy You

28 Don’t Beat Yourself Up

29 Rewards and Punishments

30 What’s God Got to Do With It?

31 Is It Strict?

32 The Stages of Getting Help

33 At the End of this Book

BONUS When Mama Yells, A Poem

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