What is a mentor?

Let’s talk about mentorship.

Mentors are people you learn from. Sometimes they’re family, friends, or community members. Sometimes they’re authors or people you hire (like me).

You can identify one of your mentors if they say something that feels like it speaks directly to you. They also have a quality to their life that you’d like to have in yours.

We each have mentors that appeal to us. I have my mentors, people I follow, and some I meet with.

Choosing your mentors is personal. My best friend or my husband might not like my mentors (they have their own).

When it comes to learning from your mentors, there are levels. Here are some examples from my program.

1. Read their words. You learn not only from their words, but from how they make you feel, what’s “in-between” the lines. (You can read my book and my blog.)

2. Use their words, adopt their vocabulary. A lot of my clients adopt the phrase, “In our house, we value _(insert your value here, like kindness)__.” (My book has specific phrases you can use to strengthen your relationships at home.)

3. Listen to them speak or watch videos of them. You learn unspoken things from listening to their voice, watching their body language, and seeing how they treat people. (Here’s a list of videos where you can see me speaking.)

4. Meet with them personally. You learn from how they treat you. (From texting to meeting in person, there are ways you can work with me.)

Who are your mentors?

Am I one of them?

What are your thoughts on mentorship?

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