Numbing Vs. Soothing Yourself

We all numb ourselves from time to time.

I numb myself by standing at the pantry mindlessly eating potato chips. I numb myself by scrolling on the Internet or watching a TV show.

I used to numb myself with an extra glass of wine.

What are things you do to numb yourself?

Numbing yourself is normal, and it’s also good to notice when you’re doing it.

Why? If you’re numbing yourself out a lot, it might be good to think about soothing yourself too.

Instead of checking out, you’re checking in. Here are some examples of how to soothe yourself:

> Mindfully sip on a cup of coffee, with no other distractions. Pay attention to the temperature of the coffee, the smell, the taste, the feel, the sound, the look. Use all your senses to be present in that moment. If you catch yourself thinking about something else, gently bring your mind back to the coffee.

> Talk with a friend. Let yourself be heard, and hear them as well.

> Take a walk. Stretch. Exercise.

> Get a good night’s sleep.

When you soothe yourself, you build your resilience. You fill your cup, your emotional capacity.

That way, when something stressful comes along, it doesn’t bother you so much because you’re not at the end of your rope. You’ve got rope to spare.

Soothing yourself is a beautiful, simple way to help you manage your button, the things that annoy you. It helps you maintain your composure and be kind to yourself and others in difficult moments.

Learn about yourself: I created a PDF for you to print out and use at home. Click here to download. Circle things that are soothing to you. Think about ways you numb, and ways you soothe.

Again, here’s the link to Soothe Yourself:

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