The Techniques

Looking for a brief summary? See these fridgesheets.


First, let me tell you what Low Pressure Life is NOT. It is not a quick fix. Learning how to function in a low-pressure way will take time and practice. I recommend you try the techniques in small ways first before you try them in the board room or other high-pressure places.

Even though these ideas are designed to reduce anxiety in the long term, they may heighten your anxiety in the short term, because you are trying something new. Keep in mind James Pennebaker’s “flip-out rule:” if it will push you over the edge, don’t do it.

Also, Low Pressure Life is not meant to be used on others. The techniques are guides for reducing pressure in your own life. However, as you practice Low Pressure Life over time, you may find that it has some ripple effects in the lives of others you are close to.

Disclaimer: This program is designed for functional adults ages 18+. It is not a substitute for professional advice, so use it at your own risk (for the site agreement, see below).

Now, a celebration.

If you are reading this, that means you have identified stress as an issue in your life. Simply realizing you are stressed out is the first step to ending stressful patterns. Looking for help outside of your usual system is the second step.

What you will find here

Below, you will find two “Big Ideas” videos and then links to more information and videos about each technique. Here are three ideas of approach for you:
1. Use this website like a class: here are note-taking pages for download. Or…
2. Binge watch all of the videos so you begin to learn the Low Pressure Life language. Then, go back to the techniques you are interested in and visit their pages to learn more. As of August 2017, watching the primary videos will take you about 4 hours. I have a suggested order for watching them on this YouTube playlist. The videos range from 5-40 minutes long. Or…
3. Pick one technique that inspires you and give it a try for awhile. (I recommend Low Pressure Conversation.)

Share in Community

Visit my forum blog post to share ideas and stories about how you are using Low Pressure Life techniques. I am a story collector, so I may highlight your comments as examples in the future. This program will evolve as we interact with each other.


Gather some friends and go on the Low Pressure Life journey together. If you like, contact me to let me know what your group is up to and stories that emerge.

Big Ideas: Overview of Low Pressure Life
This is a summary of Low Pressure Life and the ten techniques.  I tell some personal stories and give a few tips about each technique.

Big Ideas: The End of “Us Vs. Them”
You can see that the program is getting more “pretty” with time (using the Practical, Not Pretty technique). For a transcript of this video, click here.

More Big Ideas
Learn more about Low Pressure Life and my story about my job as a news producer.

Technique #1: Experiment
Learn how to play with the Low Pressure Life program and the rules & roles we live by. I also experiment with ideas about information in a home with kids.

Technique #2: Practical, Not Pretty
Evolve your ideas within your system, and remember that perfection can be paralyzing. I included an outtake video for fun.

Technique #3: Low Pressure Conversation
I really like this technique. Such a simple idea that can change lives. I include examples of low-pressure speech.

Technique #4: Low Pressure Private Life
Go deep with these ideas.

Technique #5: Remember the Tough Stuff
Integrate instead of ignore your tough stuff stories—I even mention a simple way do to this as a parent with children.

Technique #6: Celebrate Differences
An advanced technique in Low Pressure Life.

Technique #7: Low Pressure Decision Making
From big decisions to small ones, learn how to reduce anxiety in your system.

Technique #8: Everyday Rituals
Gain awareness about the physical ways you process your emotions. Develop more effective, intentional rituals to celebrate life and reduce anxiety each day.

Technique #9: Transformative Storytelling
Learn my 4-step process to transform your story by thinking in systems. I also tell some stories as examples.

Technique #10: Crisis Help
Anxiety can cause crisis for some people. Learn about it as an opportunity for making shifts in your system.

Low Pressure Life Disclaimer & Site Use
: Low Pressure Life is designed for functional adults ages 18 and up. Low Pressure Life is copyrighted and may not be reproduced without permission. Nothing on this site is a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek advice from your physician or health care professional with any questions you have about mental health symptoms or conditions. By using this site, you expressly agree that you use it at your own risk. For more information about site use, click here.